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Text Descriptive


Teks descriptive adalah teks yang memberi gambaran tentang sesuatu yang bersifat khusus.

Ciri-ciri teks descriptive :
*        Bagiannya terdiri dari
*        Identification
Yaitu bagian yang menjelaskan apa atau siapa yang akan diceritakan dalam teks tersebut.
*        Description
Yaitu bagian yang menceritakan ciri-ciri bentuk fisik dan hal-hal lain yang telah diceritakan oleh bagian identification.
*        Tujuan menulis teks (the purpose of the text / social function)
Menggambarkan sesuatu tertentu / special
(describing a particular and special thing)
*        Menggunakan bentuk kebiasaan dan kenyataan umum
(Simple Present Tense)

The elements of descriptive text :
1.         Identification
2.         Description

The Example of Descriptive Text :

My Favorite Animal

I have a favorite animal. It is an orangutan.
We call it Si Otong. You know..... Si Otong has a large head and big eyes. It is very hairy too. I feed him with fresh fruits. Si Otong has a baby, and... you know what?. It look after its young very well. My friends always say that Si Otong looks clumsy because of the way it walks. I don’t totally agree with them, because I think it is a gentle animal.

Text Narrative

Teks narative adalah teks yang menceritakan cerita yang terjadi pada waktu yang lalu dengan menekankankan adanya permasalahan yang dihadapi tokoh cerita dalam teks tersebut.

Ciri-ciri teks narrative :
*        Bagiannya terdiri dari
*        Orientation
Yaitu bagian yang menceritakan siapa, dimana, dan kapan peristiwa terjadi.
*        Evalution
Tidak harus ada dalam teks narasi, menerangkan kejadian-kejadian yang dialami sebelum tokoh cerita mengalami permasalahan.
*        Complication
Yaitu bagian yang menceritakan permasalahan yang dihadapi oleh tokoh cerita.
*       Resolution
Yaitu bagian yang menceritakan penyelesaian permasalahan.
Tujuan menulis teks (the purpose of the text / social function)

The elements of narrative text :
1.         Orientation
2.         Complication
3.         Resolution

The examples of narrative text :

The boy who cried “wolf”

A shepherd boy was looking after his sheep on a hill. He felt bored being alone on a hill. Then, he thought of a way to make some fun.
While the villagers were busy working, they heard a boy shouting, “Help! Help! Help! A wolf is attacking my sheep!”
“That sounds from the shepherd boy. He is in trouble. Let’s go and help him,” said the villagers and rushed towards the hill. They were very surprised when they did not see any wolves on the hill.
“Were’s the wolf?” they asked.
The boy fell back and started laughing. The villagers realized that the boy had played a trick. They were angry and went back to work.
The next day, the villagers heard the shepherd boy shouting for help again. They rushed towards the hill, and again the boy laughed at them.
On the third day, a wolf really came and attacked the sheep.
“Help! Help! A wolf is attacking my sheep!” shouted the boy at the top of his voice.
But nobody bothered him this time. The villagers thought that the boy was trying to fool them again. The boy watched sadly as the wolf killed all his sheep.

(Source: The Boy Who Cried Wolf and other stories,
Words and Wisdom Sdn. Bhd)

The Fox and the Crow

One bright, sunny morning, an ugly black crow perched on the branch of a tree. She had just stolen a tasty piece of cheese and was about to enjoy it.
Just then a dark brown fox passed by. He was very hungry. Then he saw the food in the crow’s beak. His mouth watered, so he thought of a clever plan to get the cheese.
The fox looked up at the crow, he said, “I have always admired your beauty, with your soft, shiny feathers and nice beak. If your voice is as fine as your looks, you could be Queen of the Birds!”
The crow wanted to be the queen. So, to prove that she could sing, she opened her beak and made a loud “Caw!” Of course, when she opened her beak, the piece of cheese fell to ground.
The fox hapilly snatched up the cheese and laughed. He said,” My dear crow, your voice is fine but your opinion is not. You shouldn’t believe everything you hear! Thanks for the cheese!”

(Taken from the fox and The Crow in The Grasshopper and
The Ants and other stories, Kohwai and Young, 2003)

The Fox and the Stork

A fox and a stork lived as nighbours. The fox were wild and clever. He thought that the stork was dull because he never spoke much. “You look so odd,” he would always tell the stork who would listen quietly and not say a word.

One day, the fox suddenly told the stork, “You must come and dine with me today,” smiling to himself at the trick he was going to play on the stork.

The stork was happy to accept the invitation and arrived in time to have a delicious dinner. He was hungry and was sure that the fox had prepared a god meal for him.

For dinner, the fox srved sup, and it was served to the stork in a very shallow bowl. The stork could only wet the tip of his bill. He could not eat a drop of the soup. But the fox enjoyed the soup and finish it all.

The hungry stork go home really angry. Yet, he did not show his anger  to the fox. He kept stay calm.
A few days later, the stork inviter the fox over to dinner.......

The Clever Judge

            Once upon time, a lion, a fox, a donkey set off for a day’s hunting. They made an agreement to have an equal share of what was caught. After a time, they were able to kill a fat buck. The lion asked the donkey to divide the prize. The obliging donkey cut up the buck into three equal parts then invited the lion to take his choice.
            This made the lion so furious and killed the donkey with his powerful blow.
Then the lion told the fox to divide the meat. The fox was cunning. He put a side a big heap to the lions share, and kept only a small piece for himself.
            On seeing this, the Lion looked very pleased and said “Master fox, this needs the most satisfactory divisor. Who taught you to be so clever?
            “The dead donkey has been my teacher,” replied the fox. From his foolish conduct I have learned to be wise.

The Goose that Laid Golden Eggs

             Once upon a time, there lived a happy family in a village : A man and his wife lived happily on a tittle farm, tending their flock of geese and selling their eggs at the market. They were not rich, but they were happy with their life together.

             Then, one day a new goose flew in among their flock. The couple was surprised to find a shiny golden egg in her nest. Each and every day after that, the goose laid another egg of solid gold!

             The couple was soon richer than they had ever dreamed of, but they were not happy. They grew impatient with only one golden egg a day. The farmer said to his wife, “Our goose must be full of gold. Why should we wait to have more eggs?”

             “If we cut her open,” his wife agreeed, “we can get all the eggs at once.” So they killed the goose! They were very surpised to find that it was just like any other goose inside. Even worse, there would never be any more golden eggs!